Friday, October 23, 2009

It’s Official! There Will be A Virtual Real Estate BarCamp On November 17th, 2009

Some of you may remember REBarCamp PDX from last year at InCube. It was an awesome event. Well, this time it's going virtual!

On November 17th from 9AM until 4PM PST there will be the first of its kind, Virtual Real Estate BarCamp.

What is it?
VirtualREBarCamp is a One Day, All-Day, Online Real Estate BarCamp.
The REBarCamp phenomenon has exploded over the last year with dozens of in-real-life gatherings where the real estate community comes together to discuss and demystify the current trends in technology and marketing.
The goal of VirtualREBarCamp is to bring this experience to you as opposed to having to bring yourself to it.

  • In place of a rented venue, they will be holding the event online.
  • In place of break-out sessions in rooms, they will we have simultaneous webinars, all day.
  • In place of the hallways, they will be chatting on Twitter, Facebook, Backnoise and TomatoChat.
  • In place of traveling you'll be able to attend from the comfort of your home or office.
  • In place of an impromptu calendar, we will be filling presentation slots all month.
Attendance is unlimited, and it is still FREE!

And finally, so as to not lose the Social Aspect of the BarCamp atmosphere, They are encouraging volunteers around the country to organize In-Real-Life MeetUps for immediately after the online event. Block off your entire calendar for Tuesday, Nov 17th. None of these webinars will be available after the event. You do not want to miss this. Register here now!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Social Media Revolution

If you ever thought that you may just wait-out theis fad, it's time to get a reality check!
Just as with Radio and TV in their day, Social Media is now the way people get their news, learn about their world, and make desicions about the products and services they buy.

Will your potential consumer find you in this sea of information? Are you even in the mix?

Just in case you needed more convincing. Take a look at this.

You can also find a transcript of all the reasons in this blog

Social Media in Plain English

We are so fortunate to have talented people around like the folks at
They make it fun and interesting to learn about this whole social-media revolution. (more to come on that).

This is their video explaining the concept of social media. Enough said.